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One of the reasons that we went into partnership with Manchester United two and a half years ago, was because they have a mentality that is geared up towards success – something they have achieved over the years in huge amounts and something for which they constantly strive.

This extract is taken from Manchester United star, Paul Pogba’s speech to his France team mates before the World Cup Final.

“Boys I don’t want to talk too much. We all know where we are , we all know what we want. We know how far we have come, we know it in our hearts, in the way we look at things. I can see it, guys. We are concentrating on what we have to do.

I don’t know how many matches we have all played in our careers, but this is one match that could change everything. This would change all of history.

I want us to go onto the pitch as warriors, as leaders!”

It is one of several speeches that the Manchester United player gave to his France team. The world has long known of Paul Pogba’s talent. We have seen, on our Gulf Fan Academy videos, that he also has a great sense of humour and he is understandably incredibly popular with our Gulf staff and customers alike. But, this summer, he grew in every respect and he emerged as a leader, who inspired his team to a famous victory.

At the outset of the tournament, he showed this growing maturity, declaring. “I want to win this World Cup, and to do that you have to make sacrifices. Defending isn’t my strong point, but I’ll happily do it.”

There is much we can take from what he says and from his attitude. His France team were good, but arguably not the stand out team of the tournament. What they did, ultimately to take them to the World Crown, was to use what they had at their disposal extremely effectively.

If you combine this ability with a winning mentality, it is possible to achieve much more than you could possibly realise.

This week Manchester United kicks off the new Premier League season, searching to go one better than the second place the club achieved last season. In that quest we wish them every success.

It is also the holiday season. Whether you are about to go on holiday, or are back at work, I think it is worth reflecting on Paul Pogba’s words and his team’s attitude, and taking something of that into the way we all do business in the months to come.

From a tropical London,


For and on behalf of Gulf Oil International UK Ltd



Gulf’s retail fuel offer in China comes ever closer to realisation, with the official signing ceremony in Shanghai, last week with retail partner, Beibei Energy Co, ahead of the opening of the first Gulf service station in China. Gulf Vice President International, Frank Rutten (centre) flew in for the ceremony, where he joined Gulf Oil China MD, Arthur Liu and key Executives from Beibei Energy.

The landmark Gulf fuel station is located downtown in Guanzhou city and the opening is scheduled for mid-September.



The network of Gulf Fuel Stations in the Philippines has continued to expand, with recent station openings that have featured in Gulf Today.

A further significant step was undertaken at the end last month with the signing, with fuel partner, Dmaya, of an agreement to further develop the network with stations in a second region of the country.

Congratulations to all at Gulf Oil Philippines on this new deal.

Gulf’s activities in developing fuel retail networks in South East Asia featured in a speech delivered by Frank Rutten, Gulf’s Vice President International, at the Petrol World Conference in Kuala Lumpur, at the beginning of July.

The speech can be viewed online:



The Gulf Nanotec Fuel Additive is proving to be a very effective example of Gulf’s CVP (Customer Value Proposition) in Mexico, with sales figures thriving and customer feedback overwhelmingly positive. Sold as “Nanotechnology G Plus” the Gulf fuel offers a high quality, high tech product, that customers find both reassuring and appealing.

Gulf Nanotec – from Gulf licensees, CleanerGlobe – is the world’s first dynamic liquid nanotechnology fuel additive, blended to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. It is unique to the market, as it works with all fossil fuel, petrol, diesel and biodiesel vehicles.

In addition, it increases fuel economy, unlocks power, cleans carbon deposits in the cylinder linings and keeps exhausts and engine oils cleaner for longer.

This ground-breaking addition to Gulf’s portfolio is setting a global trend in clean fuels, a move that is sure to be replicated in other service stations around the world. As Gulf Mexico’s network of service stations continues to flourish, this additive, crammed with a quarter of a century and billions of miles of research and development, will only serve to enhance the reputation of Gulf as one of the world’s premium fuel brands.

Gulf Nanotec is available in bulk quantities for entire networks, or groups of service stations and in single packs for individual use.

Further details from Les Cozzi at CleanerGlobe :

Phone: +31 6 55 10 33 36



Gulf Oil International is extremely pleased to announce it has signed a license agreement with Innovative Service & Media AG (ISM) a leading force in graphic products for service station and forecourts. The company has worked with success for major fuel retailers and has some extremely impressive and innovative graphic solutions – from individual pump nozzle graphics right the way through to large door and window display material.

Pictured are some sample ideas of the sort of door graphics that ISM can design and produce and they will be more than happy to discuss a variety of ideas with Gulf businesses to help maximise visual impact within service stations, and other solutions to help make stations as profitable as possible.

Nico Grüßinger:

Mob: +49 (0)172 4620951


The Gulf Model car promotion got off to a strong start in terms of take-up across various businesses, but with the release of the animation and the cars now being in circulation, they seem to be attracting a second wave of interest, with further orders coming in.

The five-model car set, produced by licensee, Greenlight, has now been adopted in 37 countries with 250,000 cars ordered – and the number is still growing.

The promotions have clearly set Gulf businesses thinking and here are some examples of the different initiative which feature the cars:

New Zealand’s Challenge Fuel Stations are offering a free car with every $40 spent

In Italy, each 200L drum of Gulf Formula ordered comes with 50 cars, so that mechanics can give one free to customers with each oil change. In Germany a similar promotion is in place.

In Certas’ UK Fuel Stations, retailers buy the cars and offer the customer the opportunity of either buying the car at full retail cost or at a reduced price with every 25 litres of fuel purchased. Either way they are making a margin on each car.

In the Middle East, each 4L pack of Formula G or Synth Sand Protect comes with a free model to help generate more business on synthetic ranges, and in China there is a model car with every 5L pack of SUV Oil.

That should be all of the inspiration you need!… but if you need more ideas or more details contact Rachit Kapoor to see how it could work for your business:


Visitors to this year’s 25th running of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, witnessed Gulf soaring to new heights at what has become one of the world’s top motoring festivals.

The signature piece of the Festival is always a construction that soars into the air in front of Goodwood House itself. With this year being Porsche’s 70th anniversary as a constructor, the Central Feature displayed several iconic Porsches, including the Gulf Porsche 917, suspended on a structure that was the height of Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square (52 metres!).

A Gulf 917 also featured in demonstration runs up the Goodwood Hillclimb course, as did the spectacular Gulf Dragracing bike – the world’s most powerful motorcycle – with which pilot, Ian King, provided a series of ultra-smokey, loud burnouts, much to the delight of the crowd.

McLaren also featured one of the increasingly iconic long tail Gulf-McLaren F1 GTRs on its stand, the car as ever proving extremely popular amongst the 150,000+ visitors over the duration of the event.




Gulf Aviation is delighted to announce that it has now been selected to provide fuel at one of the UK’s growing international hubs, Birmingham Airport, which is one of the busiest in the UK, servicing more than 13 million passengers every year.

The airport’s expansion has opened up the way for Gulf Aviation to become a fuel supplier at another of the UK’s major airports and this is seen as a real coup for the offshoot of UK Gulf Fuel licensee Certas Energy.


Gulf in Brazil have just attended the launch of a new exclusive Gulf workshop in the city of Casvavel-PR, in the south of the country.

Gulf distributor SS Lubrificantes’ opening featured hot rods and classic cars as well as a host of impressive Gulf inflatables in the beautifully kitted out building.

From the front of the building, through the reception to the customer lounge area, everything is kitted out with Gulf themed furniture and the huge posters and blue and white pillars and ramps reinforce the Gulf brand wherever the customer looks.

Weines Moura:



Gulf has long been both a supporter and participator in artistic projects in Luxembourg (how can we forget the Elephant statue in Gulf Racing Colours, from a few years ago!).

The latest project celebrated the 50th birthday of a local organisation called “Old Diekrich”. Gulf was provided with a “bare plaster donkey” (the donkey being the organisation’s mascot) which then had to be “customised”.

The commission to do this was given to famous local artist Jacques Schneider, and he duly obliged by turning bare Jack into Gulf Jack. He also produced a sticker of the donkey, which became a social media competition to see who could use the sticker of Gulf Jack in the most creative way possible!


Gulf Oil Lubricant India Limited’s latest Motor Cycle Oil TV ad features Brand Ambassador, MS Dhoni indulging in his passion as a motorcycle rider.

The humorous commercial illustrates how Gulf Pride 4T provides instant engine pick-up to help eliminate the need to indulge in potentially dangerous motorcycling practices in order to save time in reaching a destination.

The Gulf campaign, which highlights the safety message, while showcasing the product benefits, is attracting favourable industry media coverage.

Read about it and see the ad online through the following link:


It continues to be a busy year in terms of new merchandise offerings and here are some of the latest offerings from Gulf licensees.

Le Mans was but a few weeks ago – and Classic Le Mans even more recent – and the latest joint range of “Classic” clothing from Le Mans organisers, the Automobile Club de L’Ouest and Gulf is now on sale.

Here are the dark blue and light blue polo shirts together with the current design of baseball cap. Also included in the range are a hoodie and an umbrella for when the weather is less favourable than it was at this year’s Le Mans, as well as t-shirts in differing designs.

Model cars are a perennial and attractive offering and included here is some classic Gulf machinery captured in miniature: two new vehicles from Greenlight – a Datsun (Nissan) 240Z racer and an off-road 4X4 Truck, together with the 1970 prototype Porsche 917K slot car racer from the Carrera stable.

Rachit Kapoor:





English Premier League

Manchester United vs Leicester - Old Trafford - August 10th

Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion - Falmer Stadium - August 19th

Manchester United vs Spurs - Old Trafford - August 27th

Manchester United vs Burnley - Turf Moor - September 1st


World Superbike Championship

Round 10 - Portimao, Portugal - September 14th - 16th


World Endurance Championship

Round 3 - 6 Hours of Silverstone - August 18th - 19th


FIM European Drag Racing Championship

Nitrolympx - Hockenheim - August 17th - 19th


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