Brand Tools

To all users: please note that some computer programmes and hardware will display colours differently – it is not an exact science !

The Gulf Brand is a valuable asset and must be protected and nurtured to maintain and enhance its value.In practical terms this means consistent and correct use of the Gulf Logotype (the ‘Gulf-in-Orange-Disc’ device), the stylised brand name “Gulf” itself, and any other branded visual material.

There are precise instructions for the design and colour of the registered Trade Marks, both words and the logotype and how to use them in different circumstances, see the Brand Guidelines.

These instructions extend to Company Stationery designs and product packs and labels for small packs. A very important aspect of correct brand representation is covered in the Service Station Manual and in Gulf Express, which are two highly visible presentations of the Gulf Brand to the motoring public.

If the links to these other sections are available to you, please open the relvant pages and review the content of these manuals for more on brand guidelines.

Please note: The following PDF document (Gulf Pack Colours) is specifically focused towards markets within Europe and is here to help markets understand what label needs to go on what bottle.