Wall calendar

313mm wide x 430mm deep

x14 leaves print CMYK to one side only

Varnishes (if required)
Cover & flysheet have an all over gloss coat
Top banner & images only on month pages have a spot gloss machine varnish (file supplied)

Desk calendar

Cover & month page size
282mm wide x 113mm deep (short pages to reveal the printed baseboard)

Baseboard size
Unfolded – 282mm wide x 391mm deep (forming 3 panels of 145mm deep / 101mm deep [additional fold in the middle] / 145mm deep
Folded – 282mm wide x 145mm deep
The baseboard folds to form a ‘tent’. There are essentially 3 panels – front, bottom and back. There is an additional fold in the middle of the bottom panel to allow the calendar to fold flat.

x13 leaves print CMYK to both sides
Baseboard prints CMYK to both sides

Cover back up with January ‘write-on’ page / January block date page backs up with February ‘write-on’ page and so on

Varnishes (if required)
Cover and desk front (block dates) pages have an all over gloss coat
Images only on reverse (write-on dates) page have a spot gloss machine varnish (file supplied)

If you need any recommendation as to the paper weight for the calendar pages or board weight for the desk baseboard (or have any other queries) please don’t hesitate to contact Daniela Russell.