Gulf Greases CVP Success in Denmark

Starting the project 1 ½ years ago, our team in Denmark underwent a project to understand the needs of our customers to develop a new CVP for Gulf Greases.

Targeting B2B customers within the Construction and Agricultural segments, the team developed clear messaging that Gulf provides an easy and cleanliness greasing solution that eliminated problems with air bubbles, grease spills and reduces the risk of dirt in bearings.

Along with their new grease cartridges the Danish team created a ‘one hand grease pump’, known as the Lube Shuttle cartridges. Not only did this prove to gain lots of on-site attention, but it also helped to build key conversations and acted as a gateway to conversations about lubricants in general. Now all their sales team keep some Lube Shuttle cartridge samples in the car, just in case they need this easy to demonstrate conversation opener.


“When fat cartridges emptied via vacuum eliminates air pockets / bubbles and the “dirty job” air often causes. And you let go completely for problems with manual venting of the syringe. Thus we remove also the risk that bad in terms of soil or sand pollute the fat and the last leg ends in bearings, trying to maintain, “explains Niels Peter Lund-Boyschau, sales manager, lubricants DCC Energy.

Gulfs four new grease cartridges came up for sale with DCC Energy and DLG Energy in January 2016. They are sold either as a set with a grease guns and a box of 12 cartridges or separately in a box of 12 pieces.

Click here to see the Lube Shuttle in action!