We are currently the fastest growing oil brand in the world. We have much to be proud of, but we recognise that the industry never stands still and, great though Gulf ’s tradition is, we need to focus firmly on the future. We have to ensure that we are able to realise the potential of the brand and implement the value we have in our partnership platform and expand a value-selling culture, in order to meet our ambitious plans for the coming years.

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MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya partner with Gulf Oil for 'Guardian on Road' initiative

Wearing helmets is compulsory for the drivers of two-wheelers, but on most occasions children pillion riders are never made to wear them. To spread awareness about this largely ignored issue of children’s safety on two-wheelers, which are ubiquitous on Indian roads, Gulf Oil Lubricants has started a unique nationwide campaign called 'Guardian on Road' to distribute more than 15000 helmets to children.

Third place on Ózd

Third place in the Credlio Ózd Rally was taken by the pair of Korda Racing Mitsubishis Zoltán Strider - András Apkó.

Zoli got the perfect car from the Velencze team, so they were very confident that their series of failures has come to an end.

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Gulf has held one or more motorsport world records every decade since 1960

Gulf produces over 1 billion litres of motor oil a year

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